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The Cube

At the Clear Ice Company we love ice. Water is freshly supplied to our plant where we use Department of Health and FDA compliant filtering processes to produce food grade ice.
We start by using an advanced 6 stage water filtration system to remove all impurities from the water. It then takes a lot of time to produce our perfectly clear ice, sometimes up to 12 hours for a single slab. Each slab is tested, logged and tagged ensuring all the paperwork is in place. We do all the hard work to keep you safe while you enjoy our product.
Our current list of products below (more are on the way, we believe you should not rush the development process).
image (17).png
Clear Cube 
350 php for a pack of 8
50x50mm cube
perfect for cocktails or neat drinks
on the "rock" at home.

Commercial Ice Program

for Professional Bartenders:

We work with some of the most respected bars, restaurants and hotels in Philippines who are using Clear Ice Company products to provide an unparalleled cocktail experience for their customers.

We offer regular delivery and bulk order discounts to qualifying establishments that are interested in using Clear Ice Company products for their ice program.

Our ice can help you;
  1. Sell more high margin spirits and mixed drinks,
  2. Reduce or remove the cost of purchasing moulds to try and make craft ice yourself,
  3. Improve your customer experience to encourage repeat business,
  4. Increase the likelihood of tagged photos being shared on social media.

Email us at with information about your business and we will develop a solution for you.

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