a clear winner in hydration

we believe access to clean water should be easy

water is an integral part of our health and well being, therefore becoming dehydrated can have serious effects on your body


and it can happen for the simplest of reasons, whether being to busy, being on the move, exercising or traveling

our water was developed with you in mind, providing easily accessible, clean drinking water wherever you are


how do we make clear water?


Sediment Filter

improves colour and turbidity by removing suspended impurities like dirt, rust, sand and other sediments


Carbon Filter

removes suspended elements and other chemicals, eliminating unwanted odours and flavours


Activated Charcoal

traps impurities and holds them, allowing clean, pure water to pass through


Double Reverse Osmosis

pressure pump, exerting increased pressure on water to flow across the semi-permeable membrane, leaving 95%-99% of impurities behind - we do this twice


UV Light
effectively disinfect and eliminates any remaining microorganisms, bacteria and viruses

what's in our water?
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= 25 PPM


Total dissolved solids is a measure of  all inorganic and organic substances present in water. We test our water quality using a digital TDS PPM meter, and its ideal!

what's not in our water?

No Bad/Foul Taste

No Bacteria, Viruses & Parasites

No Bad Odor

No Arsenic

No Organic Compounds

No Heavy Metals

No Chlorine & THMs

No Dissolved Solids

no FDA-designated “big eight” allergens
milk, eggs, peanuts, tree, nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat
no calories, sugar, sodium, gluten, fluoride, artificial flavors or coloring
being socially responsible states that nearly seven million Filipino families rely on unsafe, unhealthy, and unsustainable water sources leading to water-related illness - clearwater donates proceeds to help solve this crisis

due to the Philippines' geographical location, it often gets hit by natural disasters, we believe in doing our part when help is needed - we aim to work closely with the Philippine Red Cross, by providing clean drinking water that can be transported to those adversely impacted

practice and encourage recycling, we your collect empty bottles during each delivery, we also have a number of collection points around the city


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