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Often the most overlooked element of a drink, establishments are now paying close attention to the quality of ice, and rightly so. Bartenders and drink connoisseurs, from pubs and small bars to high end cocktail venues, hotels and casinos have come to the realisation, that in many respects, the ice used can make or break a drink.

Ice does not simply chill a drink, its soluble nature means it will slowly release into a drink resulting in two possible scenarios; a good block of ice will bind the ingredients together as it diffuses, taking the bite off the base spirit while rounding out the flavours and bringing forward new ones. A bad block of ice – cloudy, full of impurities and air bubbles – will add a range of unfavourable flavours to the drink and will dilute it faster.

Clear Ice - the beginning.jpg

Initial concept sketch for Clear Ice Company

Ice manufacturing and distribution in Manila is largely unregulated and standards can differ significantly. Often cloudy and containing sediments, visiting tourists are warned to avoid consuming local ice. This, when paired with unsanitary handling and transportation has led to incidents of food poisoning.

We believe that the market and you as a customer deserve better. Our handcrafted ice is cleaner, clearer and denser, meaning the overall block will be harder, colder and better at keeping your drink at a constant, lightly chilled temperature. Each step of our process has been reviewed and approved by market professionals and specialists as part of quality assurance and control;

image (27).png

Six stage filtration with double reverse osmosis water filtration, UV/Ozone laser and softener treatment

image (26).png

Directional freezing, a method that allows water to freeze into ice from only one direction

image (25).png

Controlled sanitary environment including air quality monitoring


Each batch tested for contaminants and PH level prior to packaging

image (28).png

Our No Bare Hand Promise, not one bare hand will touch the product from production to delivery

Launching a good ice program in your bar whether in a private or public setting can transform your drinks into a premium offering – we have the products and programs to help you achieve this.

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